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Large volume access to e-journals due to the browser's preloading functions

A large volume of unintentional access to e-journals due to the browser's preloading functions has frequently occurred.

This feature gives you a lot of access to certain documents in the background, even if you think you are browsing the site normally. As a result, the publisher may decide that it is an unauthorized use and temporarily block access to the site from Hiroshima University.

This is especially common with "previous versions of Microsoft Edge." The latest version does not have this function, so please upgrade to the latest version (Microsoft Edge based on Chromium).
旧Edge                               新Edge
the previous version's icon         the latest version's icon

If you want to use e-journals from other browsers, please disable the preloading functions.

[How to disable the preloading functions]
Google Chrome
Open Settings > Privacy and security > Cookies and other site data Set "Preload pages for faster browsing and searching” to off.

Type "about:config” in URL bar and press Enter.
If warning page is displayed, click "Accept the Risk and Continue”.
Search "network.prefetch-next" and switch to "false".

Safari (Mac)
Open Safari > Preferences > Search tab
Uncheck the box “Preload Top Hit in the background".

Internet Explorer 11
Open Internet Options > Advanced tab
Under “Browsing” uncheck the box "Load sites and content in the background to optimize performance

Previous versions of Microsoft Edge (=Microsoft Edge Legacy)
Open Settings > Privacy & security.
Set “Use page prediction” to off.
*We recommend updating to the latest version(=Microsoft Edge based on Chromium) .

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