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HULS is an organization of student supporters of Hiroshima University Library. We do some volunteer works at the HU libraries to connect people and the libraries.

-Who can join HULS?

Any students of Hiroshima University can join us.

-What activities do you do?

We do some volunteer works related to libraries, such as book selections, book displays, writing library newsletters and Library tour in Open Campus. We cooperate with library staff for these activities. You can join any activities that you are interested in.

-When can I join or leave HULS?

You can join us anytime and leave at the end of March, but of course, renewal is available.

-How can I join HULS?

You can join HULS to enter the registration form below.


Looking for participants of Student Book Selecting!

HULS is looking for participants of student book selecting. Student book selecting is one of the activities of HULS. It offers HULS members to select books for the HU West Library from the viewpoint of students. You can select books by the web application "Library Thing".

If you would like to join us, please enter the registration form to June 30, and don't forget to check the box of the "Book Selections".

To know more about this book selecting, please participate in our orientation at the beginning of July.

After the book selection, we are planning to display some books with your comments in the West Library. Would you help us to give some comments of the books you have selected?

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Registration Form of HU library supporters

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