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1. Overview
Ufinity is a mobile application for searching Hiroshima University Library catalogs.

2. Installation and Initial Settings
2) Find the "Ufinity" in the App store or Google play. It is distributed by FUJITSU LIMITED.
3) Install it to your mobile phone.
4) When you use it for the first time, please select "Hiroshima" => "Hiroshima University" from the setting.

3. Services
(1) OPAC Simple Search
Search HU library catalog by title or author.
(2) ISBN barcode search
 Use ISBN barcode search when you have a book in hand and want to search the HU library catalog. How to use it, please refer to the instruction
(3) OPAC
Search HU Library catalog by keyword, title, author and ISBN.
(4) Library Website (PC)
This is the link to the HU libraries website.
(5) Opening Hours
You can check the opening hours of the HU Libraries for that day and tomorrow.

      Menu Page                      OPAC search

ISBN Barcode Search

 1.Select the camera from the menu page.


 2.Your camera on your device will open. The red line means the reader of the scanner. 


 3.The ISBN barcode is often on the top of the back cover. 



 4.Place an ISBN barcode inside the viewfinder and under the red line to scan it. 


 5.Search results are generated if the item is found in the HU Library catalog.


 If no item is found in the HU Library catalog, the Ufinity shows following result. 


If you have any questions and concerns, please contact us.
Central Library Reference Service
E-mail: tosho-fukyu-wrc[at]office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp
* Please replace [at] to @.