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Library orientation & guidance

Orientation & guidance videos and materials
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 Library orientation
 Introduction of facilities and services, how to search and obtain materials

 Video 25:32 Slide.pdf Apr. 6,2021 /
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 OPAC [Search materials]
 OPAC search exercises Video 2:54 Exercises.docx
 Apr. 6,2021
 EndNote basic
 User guide
 Video 13:15 slide[PDF] Nov.17,2020 / 
Other training resources [Clarivate]
 How to borrow a book from other libraries User guide Video 12:02 slide[PDF] Dec.7, 2020
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 Support materials by publisher
 Web of Science How to create a profile, begin a search and manage your results. Video [Clarivate] Guide [PDF][Clarivate] 
 Other training resources [Clarivate] 

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