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Guide to E-Journals & E-Books

Please read the following note, before you use E-Journals & E-Books.

The principle of individual use & observance of copyright and intellectual property rights
1. E-journals and e-books provided by the library can be accessed via the campus network. When using via on-campus WiFi, please connect to "HU-CUP *". It cannot be used via "eduroam".

2. Limited to use of either download or print-out for the individual investigation / research purpose.

3. Do not download and print-out a lot of data beyond the range of individual use.
Especially the systematic (automatic) download using the program etc. is strictly prohibited.
Please use E-Journals & E-Books without operating Add-ons to download automatically all links on the displayed web-pages.
Please choose the articles you need among the article’s list, not reading the article’s PDF.

4. Do not duplicate-supplying widely to one person or many others, transmitting, and dealing in download data or the printed-out report.

5. Do not change the download data into another form or media without a copyright person's consent. Changing and using the contents is an act which infringes on copyright and intellectual property rights, and it is forbidden entirely.

6. Publishing companies who provide access to E-Journals & E-Books observe the usage conditions, as outlined above, strictly.


The case of illegal use of electronic journal

We are very sorry that we received the warning about illegal use of electronic journal at the Hiroshima University from a certain publisher.
If one user uses a electronic journal illegally, other users will be not to use the electronic journals of the publisher.
In order to prevent such prohibited use, please read the note to users above carefully!

The warning from a publisher (summary)
However, recent usage made of this service from your institution exceeds what is regarded as normal and reasonable. This activity was isolated to one host identified at IP address 133.41.*.* on July 21, 2002. Many of the requests were sequential and systematic papers were downloaded consecutively and within short intervals. Access from the above-mentioned IP address has been temporarily suspended.
Such systematic download is a prohibition matter as it is also in the use contract. Please report by investigating the situation. If there is no reply or unjust use will continue, the use from Hiroshima University will be suspended. We also require assurance from you that such systematic downloading will not take place again.

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