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Off-Campus Access to E-resources

HU students, faculty and staff have off-campus access to E-resources such as e-journals, e-books and databases though Virtual Private Network (VPN) service or the Shibboleth/Institutional login

1) Access via VPN service

You have to install the VPN software or set up your browser to use the VPN service. Please refer to this page by Information Media Center for more details. 

If you have any questions regarding to the setting of VPN service, please contact Help desk of Information Media Center.

*Warning : These three databases are not allowed to have off-campus access via VPN service.

・医中誌WEB [Ichushi WEB]


・今日の診療プレミアムWEB版 [Konnichi no shinryo premium]

2) Access via Shibboleth/Institutional login 

Authorized users can have access to these e-resources via Shibboleth login.  

How to Login the Shilloleth
1. Select "Institutional Login" on website of each e-resouece
2. Select region: Japanese Institution Login (GakNin)
3. Select institution: Hiroshima University
4. Enter your Hirodai-ID and password to sign on