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Integration of CiNii Articles into CiNii Research

The integration of CiNii Articles into CiNii Research has been completed on April 18, 2022. (Added 2022.4.19) 

The National Institute of Informatics has notified us that the integration of CiNii Articles into CiNii Research will be postponed. 
Please click here for the upcoming schedule. (Added 2022.3.30) 

CiNii Articles, a bibliographic database provided by the National Institute of Informatics for searching articles published in Japan, will be integrated into CiNii Research on April 1, 2022.
With this integration, the "Articles(JPN)" tab of the OPAC search has been changed to "CiNii Research".

CiNii Research allows you to cross-search not only journal articles, but also research data, holdings at universities and other institutions, doctoral dissertations, and KAKEN research project information.


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