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Free Trial Access to "DynaMed" (Jun. 9, 2022 - Sep. 30, 2022)

Free trial access is available to "DynaMed"

 ◆Trial period: Jun. 9, 2022 - Sep. 30, 2022

 ◆Access URL::https://auth.dynamed.com/
 # Access is required from the campus network.
 Please use the VPN service when accessing from off-campus.

 ◆how to use:
  ●DynaMed- Tutorial

  ●DynaMedCreating a Personal User Account - Tutorial
   ※When you create a personal account in DynaMed, you have access to clinical content from any device at any time.

  ●DynaMed Mobile App - Tutorial
  Kasumi Library tosho-fukyu-hiro@office.hiroshima-u.ac.jp

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