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September’s Book Displays 「”Work” and “Skill”」and 「Qualification」are now available

September came, and the heat of summer has calmed, hasn’t it?This month at Central Library, we have prepared 2 displays.

The first theme is 「“Work” and “Skill”」.

For “work” what kind of “skill” is necessary? What kind of “skills” will help you be useful at “work”? We have collected books related to different ways of working, types of work, and entrepreneurship. You will soon become a working member of society. Why not start your new life with a book?

The second theme is 「Qualifications」.

In different fields, different “qualifications” give shape to one’s abilities. There are various qualifications, from national certifications to business skill certifications. This month we have collected books that will explain necessary knowledge and skills it takes to get certifications and other qualifications. For people thinking about getting certifications, or even people who are not, how about taking a look?

 The books in these displays are also listed on “Book log”. Take a look if you would like!(「”Work” and “Skill”」、「Qualifications」

Display Location; Central Library 1st floor Display Corner 「”Work” and “Skill”」                           Central Library 1st floor Display Corner near the staircase 「Qualifications」

Display Period: 2023/9/1 (Fri)~2023/9/29 (Fri)

14:07 | Central