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The Services for Campus Members during Kasumi Library Closing for Renovation.

Kasumi Library is closed for facilities relocationrelated to Renovation work.

(Scheduled from August 8th toEarly September)

The information about the services during thelibrary closing is below.


1. Kasumi Library items (books, journalsand newspapers) are unavailable.


2. Return the books you borrowed to thebook drop (available 24 hours).


3. Please call the library before coming toreceive books or journals purchased on public expense through the library.

4. You can request articles (on campus/outside)or the books on other Hiroshima University libraries.

 Thelibrary will inform you the date and time when you can get them in advance byE-mail (excluding Library system replacement periods).



 End date of Kasumi Library Closing isundecided yet. It will be released on Library Calendar.

Library system replacement is scheduled inlate August. Most of Library web services will be unavailable.

Please check News on Hiroshima University Librarymain website.

(The details are released on "Somelibrary services unavailable August 22-28 for system replacement (2019/08/06)").


Please ask by E-mail, if you have aquestion.


Hiroshima University Kasumi Library 


Tel:082-257-5902 (Weekdays 8:45 am- 5:00pm)

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