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The Services for Campus Members during the partial opening for Renovation work

Kasumi Library is now partially for Renovation work.
(Scheduled from September to December 2019)

[About the partial opening in Kasumi Library]

・There is no seat to study in Kasumi Library.
・You can use the materials below on BIBLA-Kasumi, and borrow only books.
・Please leave your Hiroshima university ID card at the library counter when enter BIBLA-Kasumi. Please do not forget your ID card.
・You cannot enter BIBLA-Kasumi with big baggages like bags.
・All services are unavailable for visitors during Renovation work.

[Materials on BIBLA-Kasumi]
・The books borrowed in three years
・The books for Japanese national examination for medical practitioners
・Medical guideline
・New books (bought in 2019)
・Current journals and back numbers after January 2019
・Newspapers after May 2019

Please ask at the counter if you need other materials. It will cost and take time to be mailed from outside the university.

[Services for campus members only]
・Book circulation and reservation
・Inter-campus books delivery
・ILL copy and borrowing request
・Receiving books or journals purchased on public expense through the library

Please ask by E-mail, if you have a question.

Hiroshima university Kasumi Library
16:39 | Kasumi